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Popular Fashion

Frames & Geek Glasses

Get to know your inner nerd and accessorize her in geek glasses for girls. We have super cute frames for girls in all colors and fun patterns to really show off your geek side! Coordinate our girls fashion glasses with your fabulous Spring outfits or put them together for a themed look. You can find some hilarious pineapples or other festive options for every season. These geek glasses for girls have been a really cool trend for anyone and everyone who loves to add a little something extra. You can go a little vintage with our square frames or get a touch of cute with a little bow accent. You'll be nailing these frames and geek glasses in no time!

Dress Up

As the seasons change, we know the Spring activities do too, so get your girls and coordinate some fun, scary, and festive looks for all seasons! Skim through our dress up outfits for girls and gather amazing ideas on how to make the celebrations a time to remember. Choose from tutus, to tiaras, to headwear, and other girl's dress up accessories to truly make your look authentic and unique! Our dress up accessories for girls will definitely make any and all festivities the best ever!

Personal Fans

We're all about bold statements and we are currently obsessed with this bright fans to take with you everywhere you go! Whether it's a festival or hanging out poolside, you can show off plenty of style and keep cool with these fabulous fans. Match it with your outfit or use it for an epic selfie, all of these options are bound to upgrade your style!

Fashion Accessory Gift Ideas

Fabulous fashion accessories for girls have really blown up in the latest fashion trends! With a bit of a Claire's touch, accessories for girls will keep you looking chic and cute all day everyday. Take a look at children's accessories for adorable looks for the little ones you love. Your teeny ones also deserve a fashion glow up, and our toddler girl accessories will get her photo ready or shopping-with-mom ready! Read more about the amazing things Claire's offers for all the fashion divas you know!

Girl's Socks

Girl's crew socks are comfortable and versatile for school looks or cozy home looks. Your next comfy night in with your besties can be paired with socks and fun messages displaying your lazy girl's night in. If you're into sassy phrases, we've got socks for you too that will amplify your attitude. Our socks can work well with school spirit days with traditional colors representing your school colors, or find festive options for all the notable holidays that are worth dressing up for! Knee high socks are also cozy with some trendy vibes that will pair well with boots, shorts, or a skirt. Dress them up or dress them down, these are for you to style.

Sunglasses For Girls

When the sun is up, sunglasses go on! Gain a new perSPECtive with fab sunnies and colorful lenses. Name your favorite eye shape, we got it! Cat eyes, rounds, square, hexagon, and aviators are available to fit your face shape and your style! Aviator frames for girls have become our modern throwback to classic looks from the 60's and 70's and we've elevated them with cool colored lenses, ombre, and popular flat lenses. Just like our rainbow aviators, these will show off your festival fashion and summer ready vibes! If you're feeling festive and looking for a novelty look, try our cat ear glasses or fruit sunglasses for your next costume or concert look. Classic silver frame sunglasses are the perfect classic frame for transitional looks from season to season.

Fun Tutus For Girls

Your next 5k will have you lookin' cute with girl's tutus and suspenders! For any bachelorette options or cute photo opportunities, have some fun with one of many neon outfits for girls for your next black light party! Girl's neon tutus make any party great in several colors. Dress your tutu up with cute suspenders with emojis or geek it up for a nerdy look. Our many suspenders for girls also come in basic colors and rainbow options for whatever your costume or cosplay needs may be. After seeing what we have, you'll never ask yourself where to buy tutus again! Claire's has got you covered!

Girl's Hats

Be the person that wears many hats! Whether you're into knitted options, tomboy looks, or casual looks, we have your hat game covered! Our girl's hats can be seasonal, but our amazing style gurus want you to be fashionable all year long with plenty of cool hats for girls. Baseball hats for girls and girl's trucker hats are those casual tomboy options for those lazy days you don't need anyone to see your hair, but you still want to look cute. Our cute designs and colors will help you out with fashion forward looks and full on comfort. Find hats for girls with fun messages displaying your personality! We want to see you shine and our girl's beanies can help you out! Our light materials allow you to wear our girl's beanie hats all year long. Girl's knitted hats are a heavier material that are easy fall or winter options when you need some cozy (but stylish) warmth. Find the best in cute beanies for girls, trucker hats for girls, and so much more to keep your hat game strong and fab!

Girl's Fashion Scarves

You deserve a little warmth with the help of our girl's scarves! Infinity scarves for girls are always great for stacked or layered looks while our kids fashion scarves show off their favorite brands like Pusheen or Neon Star by tokidoki. Get on trend with girl's bandanas that can be used more than just for your hair, but can be transitioned to some cute neckwear. Our scarves for teens make accessorizing easy if you're not too into jewelry but LOVE layers. All of our scarves for girls come in the latest prints and shimmery fabrics to add that accent to your outfit you didn't know you needed. Patriotic and festive girl's fashion scarves will get you in the right mood to celebrate! When the holidays start approaching keep an eye out for your next scarf to get you holiday ready!

Gloves For Girls

Girl's gloves will have you getting into elegant fashion or rebellious vibes. Channel your classic Madonna with girl's fingerless gloves in fishnets and lace, or show off your inner queen for girls white gloves for that special occasion. Our gloves for girls can be used for Prom, Quinceañeras, weddings, or just for dress up. However you decide to wear them, we know you won't want to take them off!

Lanyards For Girls

We know it can be hard to keep track of important things in a split second. In the most Claire's way possible, we want to give you a stylish upgrade for your keys and ID. Take a look at our lanyards for girls that will give you the bling and glitter you need in your life, but also allow you to keep it in view by wearing it around your neck. Try a hot pink lanyard for easy to see, impossible to forget looks. Still asking "Where can I buy a lanyard?" Move your mouse over to view our fabulous lanyard options! You won't be disappointed.